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Are you building or renovating your home and deciding between a regular roof with PV panels and a modern solar roof? Now you can have a SunRoof 2-in-1 roof that not only protects your home and generates energy but is also price competitive with traditional solutions. 

SunRoof solar roof offer - picture
SunRoof solar roof offer - picture

The SunRoof solar roof is a unique 2-in-1 integrated roofing solution that combines beauty and efficiency. It produces clean energy without the need for traditional top-mounted photovoltaic modules. With SunRoof, you don’t have to compromise between functionality and aesthetics—experience the best of both worlds. 

Achieve your dream of an energy-efficient, stunning, and cost-effective home. Enjoy free heating, air conditioning, lighting, and daily electric vehicle charging. With its future-proof quality, the SunRoof solar roof is a smart investment in your property and contributes to a sustainable future. 

SunRoof vs regular roof plus PV panels - picture

What makes SunRoof stand out?

Cost-effective solution 

SunRoof is cheaper than a regular roof plus PV panels.

Maximum energy production efficiency

The most powerful solar roof on the market, delivering the highest energy production per square meter.

Modern design

Seamlessly integrated solar cells blend with the building’s architecture, creating a sleek and cohesive roof surface. 

SunRoof solar roof for new building - picture

New construction

Are you looking to harness solar energy to power your home and achieve maximum energy independence without the unsightly appearance of traditional solar panels? SunRoof is an elegant and cost-effective investment that pays off in electricity bills from day one.

SunRoof roof replacement - picture

Roof replacement

Are you renovating or planning to replace your home’s roof? SunRoof 2-in-1 offers a modern alternative to traditional roofing solutions. This innovative system eliminates the need for separate roofing and solar panels, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and ultra-lightweight roof. Plus, it significantly increases your property value.

Discover SunRoof technology
and enjoy free solar energy


Tested in Scandinavian climates

Designed to protect your home against the most challenging weather conditions.

Top-class safety

Our BRoof (t1) certification ensures top-notch fire protection.

Comprehensive approach

From design to installation, featuring customized premium components and dedicated support every step of the way.

Customer reviews

Explore other solutions in our solar ecosystem

If installing a SunRoof isn’t feasible due to technical reasons, but you still desire eco-friendly solutions that offer comfort and energy independence, consider a photovoltaic facade or carport.

SunRoof solar facade - picture

Solar facades

Our photovoltaic facade not only performs all the functions of a traditional facade but also converts sunlight into electricity. It is meticulously designed to provide timeless durability, exceptional safety, and elegant aesthetics.

SunRoof solar carport - picture

Solar carports

A solar carport not only protects your car but also serves as a reliable power source for charging your electric vehicle, providing convenience and sustainability in one smart solution. 

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