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For architects

Set architectural trends: Join SunRoof’s sustainable vision

Are you an architect passionate about cutting-edge design and sustainability? Join us to shape the future of architecture with captivating, inspiring projects. Stand out with pioneering solar roofs, earning the recognition you deserve. Design with exceptional aesthetics and a commitment to a greener future.

Design without compromise

Your projects don’t just transform landscapes; they shape the future. SunRoof’s solar roofs are crafted to bring to life the boldest and most visionary architectural concepts. With SunRoof, there are no limits to creating homes that are both unique and environmentally conscious, seamlessly blending innovation with sustainability.

Our customizable SunRoof solutions can be tailored to any color, making them perfect for integrating solar technology into historically significant buildings or structures with specific stylistic requirements. From single-family residences to expansive commercial complexes, SunRoof’s versatile solar solutions are essential for architects shaping tomorrow’s world.

SunRoof Design Team: From vision to reality through exceptional collaboration 

Join forces with us and step into a realm of unparalleled collaboration, where we craft solutions together for the most prestigious clients.

From the conceptual stage to meticulous technical execution and ongoing maintenance, our professional design team is poised to seamlessly transform your visions into reality

SunRoof Design Team - picture
SunRoof Design Team - picture
SunRoof solar roof price - picture

What makes SunRoof stand out?

Modern design

Eco-consciousness doesn’t mean sacrificing style. SunRoof brings a touch of modern elegance to every project, seamlessly merging sustainability with sophistication.

Crafted for excellence

Years of refinement and expertise have gone into perfecting our solar roofs, utilizing premium components and precision engineering to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Revolutionizing sustainability

By integrating roofing and solar energy into a single, powerful solution, SunRoof isn’t just changing homes – we’re shaping the future with eco-friendly, energy-efficient spaces that redefine sustainability in life and living.

SunRoof solar roof - technology - picture


Our award-winning solar roof combines Scandinavian quality with the latest solar technology.

SunRoof solar roof projects - picture

Completed projects

Explore our inspiring projects featuring SunRoof solar roofs and discover how you can enhance your designs with modern eco-friendly solutions.

What benefits await you when you design with SunRoof?

Access elite clients

Attract top-tier clients with premium solar roof solutions.

Amplify your brand

Skyrocket your brand’s prestige and visibility in architecture.

Lead with innovation

Set industry trends and inspire innovation with cutting-edge solar roof technology.

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Join us in shaping the future of architecture together.