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Join an international startup and, together with the most courageous innovators and experts in the technological revolution, accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Be on a par with the best and most ambitious. We do not like compromises - our solutions, organizational culture and our team are a guarantee of quality. SunRoof are people full of passion and aspiration to propagate green energy, as well as a lifestyle that respects natural resources.

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Choosing energy is choosing a lifestyle.
Energy starts within us.

Energy is people. People spending time together and working on one idea, people with common values. The cordial, inspiring atmosphere at SunRoof translates into a sense of individual happiness and belonging to a group. Together, we are building one of the coolest spaces for work and development.

Energy is also the electricity that supplies devices, buildings and cities. At SunRoof, we are revolutionizing this area! We create roofs and facades that allow you to create intelligent, beautiful houses that work for the comfort, economy and independence of their owners. SunRoofs ambition is to provide solar roofs with the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

Our choices today are us tomorrow.

Common goal

The idea of supporting the environment with the use of appropriate technology was born in Sweden and is still the foundation of our activity.

We create innovative 2-in-1 solar roofs and facades and develop solutions supporting intelligent energy management. We are successful and develop in many European countries.

Our goal is lofty - we fight for a better tomorrow for us, our families and future generations. There is only one planet Earth, we feel obligated to take care of it. Our technology allows us to build modern, energy-independent, emission-free houses, housing estates and cities, as well as clean, free energy for means of transport.

Our choices today are us tomorrow.

BEST talents to build a Unicorn

With us, you get access to completely new career areas and work tools.

We will support your development. We like to invest in our team because we know that goodwill is based on the intellectual value of employees. Our recruitment is demanding, but if you go through the process positively, you can be sure that we believe in your potential.

The founders of SunRoof are experienced businessmen who have achieved many successes in building strong enterprises. They understand that people are behind the success of any company. We need the best talents to develop the future of technologies supporting renewable sources and we know how to take care of the talents.

Be SunRoof Evangelist

We bring information about the groundbreaking SunRoof solution to the world. We believe that we are able to change the future of generations.

With us, everyone on board contributes to the popularization of green, nature-integrated architectural innovations that produce emission-free energy. We develop an ecosystem of pioneering solutions, including solar roofs, 2-in-1 facades and carports that distance us from the endangered, polluted environment and bring us closer to a zero-emission, better future.

We share a common idea and the noble goal of a total global transition to renewable energy. We are vigorous so that the world develops in a sustainable manner. We show that ecology can be profitable, practical and beautiful. Join us, proudly represent a brand that brings the vision of a better tomorrow into life. Live the SunRoof lifestyle and enjoy it!

SunRoofers' Values

We are one organism. We trust each other, we act together, we support each other.

One for all, all for one! Together we overcome challenges and grow in strength. We celebrate successes, we learn from mistakes. Tolerance and respect for other people are the basis for us. We maintain the individuality of individuals, we celebrate diversity in our company.

We appreciate the achievements of our employees. We observe with satisfaction the development of each individual's competences and potential. Based on the culture of feedback, we evolve and become better every day. At SunRoof, we love to share our ideas, we improve their form as a team and implement them into reality. We focus on the pleasure of work and a good atmosphere.