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We introduce ecological solutions, improve the energy efficiency of housing estates and raise the standard of construction projects.


SunRoof solar roofs are a perfect fit for the latest trends in green construction. Together we can create comfortable and environmentally-friendly places. A solar roof for business is free “green” electricity, covering most of the electricity demand and providing a guarantee of reduced business costs. Property purchasers are also increasingly guided by ecological criteria. 


The lives of the inhabitants, when they can draw on this reliable and free energy source, will take on a new dimension. SunRoof is an ideal solution for housing communities and cooperatives. The solar roof acts as a unique power plant, meeting the energy demands for the common areas of multi-family buildings.


Expenditure on electricity is one of the biggest costs of running a farm. SunRoof, tailored to the individual needs of the farm, means significant reductions in energy costs. In addition, its own power plant protects against grid failure and allows the use of stored surpluses. Pure energy is also of great importance in arable spaces.

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