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For business

Optimize your business operating costs 

For every forward-thinking entrepreneur aiming to reduce operating expenses, achieve top ESG ratings, and comply with the REPowerEU program, SunRoof offers solar solutions. A solar roof generates free energy, perfect for powering your company’s electrical devices and charging electric vehicles.

SunRoof solar roof for business - picture
SunRoof solar roof for business - picture

Invest in SunRoof for smart, sustainable solar solutions for your business 

Cost-effective solution

Save on electricity bills and achieve a quick return on investment with SunRoof’s affordable solar roofs.

Maximum energy production efficiency

Benefit from the most efficient technology on the market, backed by a 30-year warranty for long-term gains.

Sustainable and comprehensive

Enhance your ESG rating and comply with REPowerEU requirements with our complete ecosystem: solar roofs, photovoltaic facades, carports, energy storage, and chargers.

SunRoof solar roof Monolit residential estate - picture
Grey solar roof SunRoof - picture

For Developers

Lead the way in real estate innovation

Set your developments apart with SunRoof’s cutting-edge solar roofs, designed to attract eco-conscious buyers seeking modern, sustainable living solutions. SunRoof 2-in-1 represents the future of residential construction. Amid rising electricity prices, provide residents with a free energy source and prepare your projects for electric vehicle charging stations. Let’s build the solar-powered communities of tomorrow together.

Lower investment costs

Solar roofs, priced competitively with traditional solutions, optimize costs and maximize your profits.

Accelerated sales

Boost the prestige and visual appeal of your developments with SunRoof, attracting buyers more quickly and ensuring faster returns on your investment.

Superior energy standards

Offer unparalleled energy efficiency, enhanced resident comfort, and increased property values.

SunRoof solar roof for general contractors - picture
SunRoof solar roof for general contractors - picture

For General Contractors

Build energy-efficient homes with solar roofsinnovation, ecology, savings! 

Step into the future of construction! SunRoof’s photovoltaic roofs offer an economical, lightweight, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional systems. Elevate your projects with superior energy efficiency and reduced structural load. Modern solar roofs will set you apart and attract eco-conscious clients looking for cutting-edge solutions.

Cost efficiency

Invest smartly with SunRoof. Our solar roofs are more cost-effective than traditional systems, reducing both upfront and ongoing costs.

Enhanced construction safety

Leverage top-tier technology that minimizes structural impact, offering you greater design flexibility and ensuring robust construction.

Sustainable and energy-efficient

Make your projects highly appealing to environmentally aware customers, thanks to SunRoof delivering passive energy solutions and significant savings on energy bills.

SunRoof solar roof for LGU - picture
Solar roof facade municipal library - picture

For Local Government Units

Propel your municipality into a sustainable future

Embrace bold decisions today! Investing in solar roofs means maximum energy independence, cleaner air, and state-of-the-art technology. Your municipality can become a leader in sustainability, attracting new residents and investors while enhancing the quality of life. Choose SunRoof 2-in-1 to demonstrate your commitment to innovation and long-term benefits.

Significant financial savings

Lower energy bills, allowing you to redirect funds to other vital community projects.

Sustainable development

Save CO2 emissions, helping you achieve sustainable development goals and protect the environment.

Increased municipal appeal

Position your municipality as a modern, eco-friendly community, drawing environmentally conscious residents and investors.

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