How to become independent from rising electricity prices?

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The fears of consumers and announcements of suppliers have come true: further increases in electricity prices are already hitting the pocket, and this is only the beginning. According to the most popular tariffs, the cost of electricity for an average household in Poland increased by about 24 percent. compared to 2021.

Since January, the average electricity price has increased to PLN 0.63-70 per kWh net, and currently the amounts for 1 kilowatt hour are PLN 0.66 on average, taking into account both sales and distribution costs. These are the amounts in the most popular tariff in the country, i.e. G11, which provides the same rates for electricity regardless of the time of day. Electricity prices vary depending on the region of Poland and the supplier that serves the area

When the VAT reduction expires and it returns to 23%, the price list will change again. Then, the average costs of purchasing electricity between individual voivodeships will oscillate around PLN 0.70-85 per kilowatt hour in the case of G11. Based on market observations and price monitoring on the stock exchange, it is estimated that in the next two years the price for 1 kWh will exceed PLN 1.


Why is electricity getting more expensive?

The anti-inflation shield was extended until the end of October, reducing the VAT rate on electricity supplies from 23 to 5 percent, but this is only a temporary protection. What’s next? Electricity prices will certainly not decrease – on the contrary.

So what exactly is driving up electricity prices in the international backyard? Mainly high wholesale rates – Polish suppliers purchase on the Polish Power Exchange, and the costs on the market have changed by approx. 100%. over the last year. In addition, prices are affected by the more expensive purchase of carbon dioxide emission allowances. 70 percent of energy in Poland is generated from coal combustion, therefore the prices of emission allowances will continue to rise.

In addition, the increase in electricity prices is influenced by problems with gas supplies and the current military situation in Ukraine – as a consequence of the Russian invasion, fees for energy resources have increased. There is also an increased demand for electricity after the pandemic crisis.

Therefore, a dilemma arises as to what to do to save money on constantly rising electricity costs. How to achieve it? Perhaps it’s best to take matters into your own hands – and it’s not just home habits like turning off the lights in an unused room – that will help reduce energy consumption.

2-in-1 solar roof – a step towards savings

In search of answers to the question of how to defend themselves against rising electricity prices, homeowners are increasingly looking to the sky. And rightly so, because it is renewable energy sources, such as solar radiation, that will prove to be the best solution, especially in combination with a responsible consumer approach to the use of electricity.


Dach solarny SunRoof - zdjęcie

SunRoof 2in1 uses the entire roof surface to produce electricity

On the Polish market, there are more and more offers related to photovoltaics and systems that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. One of the most modern technologies that use natural light to convert it into electricity for the use of the property owner is the 2-in-1 solar roof from SunRoof.

Thanks to the highest quality monocrystalline photovoltaic modules integrated with the building structure, this solution allows you to use the entire roof surface to produce electricity. This process is so efficient that the homeowner can use the free electricity to power home appliances, charge the battery of an electric car and heat the building.