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A SunRoof is a replacement for a traditional roof. It protects, insulates, ventilates the building and supplies it with energy from the sun. It complements the architecture and ensures beautiful, modern design.

One of the components of the SunRoof roof is the system of photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into electricity. Photons (i.e. particles of light) fall on the silicon plate from which a photovoltaic cell is built. Each photon is absorbed by the silicon and knocks an electron from its position, forcing it to move. This electron movement is the flow of electricity. By using a p-n type semiconductor connector, it is possible to combine this process of electron flow to create a power grid, where light is transformed into electricity.

A high-quality SunRoof will last more than 30 years.

In this case, we store the surplus energy generated on sunny days in the grid or in batteries. The owner of a SunRoof installation can profitably connect to the public network. Installations of up to 10 kWp can draw 80% of the energy supplied from the grid, while installations of 10 to 40 kWp can draw 70% of the energy supplied.

A roof correctly installed by an experienced SunRoof team does not pose any risk to your home.

The main task of the inverter is to convert the direct current, which is produced by the solar cells, into alternating current, synchronised with the power grid.

Yes, the inverters have a system that allow the user to analyse on-line electricity production and detect installation problems and errors.

Today, solar energy is more affordable and available to the public. A SunRoof helps save money by replacing grid electricity with solar power generated on the roof.

If your roof needs to be replaced, it is worth replacing it with a SunRoof. Installing a new roof + installing a photovoltaic system is a much more expensive choice. SunRoof can dismantle an old roof and replace it with a solar roof.

Of course you can. However, the SunRoof team recommends considering the needs of the changing world today and so prepare the system for your future needs. We will be happy to discuss your needs and advise you on the most effective power.

SunRoof calculates the solar potential of each roof. The financial estimates are adapted to both residential and commercial roofs.

SunRoof is definitely cheaper than a roof + photovoltaic installation. Swedish design goes hand in hand with economics. Our salespeople will be happy to provide a cost estimate.

Only between 3 and 10 years.

If you decide to produce your own electricity, SunRoof’s team can support you in the formalities. It will check the technical condition of your power connection. It will assess the roof structure and offer support if it requires design changes or upgrades.

Any and all electrical equipment! Not just those in daily use, such as RTV/AGD equipment, because we also recommend electric heating. In addition, it is worth thinking about the future – an electric car is only a matter of time.

Traditional roofing fulfils the function of protecting the building against weather conditions. It does not allow moisture to penetrate inside and protects against the escape of thermal energy from the building. SunRoof meets these basic tasks, and also actively supports our home budget by reducing electricity bills even to zero.

Swedish quality guarantees the highest standards. SunRoof roofs undergo strength tests and are certified by the RISE Institute. They have proven themselves with the most demanding customers and are now available in our market.

The energy supplier should be informed about the installation of a SunRoof roof, as they have to replace your electricity meter with one that will work in both directions. This means one that measures both how much energy you use and how much you supply to the grid.

The SunRoof team operates efficiently, precisely and at the same time maintaining order on the construction site. In the case of a medium-sized house where the roof is not complicated, assembly takes 3-5 working days.

The SunRoof technology is maintenance-free, as the electricity is produced without your intervention.

Yes, you do. You need one that measures not only how much energy you consume but also how much surplus energy you produce thanks to the SunRoof roof.

This is theoretically possible, but the installation must include energy storage facilities in addition to the SunRoof roof. On sunny days, when the energy yield is high and exceeding your consumption, the excess energy will be stored. Later it will be used when the energy yield is less than consumption, e.g. on cloudy days.

Any natural person who wants to produce their own energy can install a set with a capacity of up to 50 kW without a licence or business establishment, and the energy company is obliged to store the surplus electricity you produce.

ndeed! A prosumer is a participant in the process of prosumption, i.e. a consumer who produces a product for their own consumption and needs.

SunRoof has the world’s smallest CO2 footprint. This technology has infinite potential to compete with fossil fuel-based electricity generation and to supply us with clean electricity forever! Still looking for an answer? Ask us a question. Our experts are happy to answer any question you may have.

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