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Car charging

100% organic

Power your car for free

Stay ahead of the trends in electric vehicles, follow the path towards ecological sustainability, and accommodate for your car charging station.

Electric and hybrid cars are rapidly growing in popularity. They constantly become cheaper and charge faster. We want to help you enter that new era of mobility, and give you a free and environment-friendly energy source for your car. A source you can use anytime you want.

A solar system, with power for your car produced by SunRoof. Your car gets charged in your very own garage – conveniently, and anytime you want – day or night. Your beloved car will be ready to go, and get you anywhere you want without harmful exhaust emissions.

The SunRoof charging station is compatible with all makes of electric and hybrid cars


Reduces costs of powering the car to zero

Charging time

Charges the car up to 80% in under an hour


Suitable for any electric-charged car

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